For using CeSGO services, you must have a GenOuest account.

Quick access


The collaborative platform


Each member can create and join a group to share content between users.


User can create, edit documents and manage authorizations (read/write/group).


A deposit files is available. It’s possible to upload files like pdf or image to share them with other members or groups.


Each member can quickly create their own wordpress site available under the url : The creator will be responsible for its content and the activation of the plugins.

A custom URL like is available on request.

Example of site created with CeSGO collaboration :


Doc genetics


Each group have its own forum where each member can create topics : a good solution to exchange ideas or ask a questions to your community.


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The instant collaboration portal

The chat rooms

Each user can join a public room, create a private room and invite users.

The direct chats

This feature provides a private conversation between two users. It’s possible to send encoding messages.

The video conferencing

It’s possible to create a video conferencing inside a room or a private chat. This last is powered by jitsi meet servers.




The project manager platform

The tasks manager with Kanban

This service provides project management by dividing the tasks within a kanban (board). Each task will evolve horizontally in this board.

The system allows better tasks visualization.

The projets types

There are two types of projets :

The private project

This type, proposed as a default project, is limited to the creator. The user will be the only one to created tasks.

The ‘collaborative’ project

This type allows to manage a projects with others. If you don’t have the capability to create this type of projects, please send a message to

The Gantt chart

A Gantt chart is available in a project. In addition, each task can be resized directly in this chart to easily manage tasks over time.

The permissions

Each user chooses to share a project with users or groups in the system. Added users can be a single member or manager. A public sharing of kanban is also allowed.

The notifications

In user profil, you can choose between notifications by email or web. In addition, user can choose the types of tasks that activate notifications (user assign user tasks, specific project, etc.).

The activities report

Reports and graphs of a project can be viewed to see the progress of tasks in the kanban.




The data access platform


This web service allows to upload and access to scientific data.


Functionalities are provided to share files or directory with internal member or through a public link.


This service allows external storage importation without duplication for several servers (FTP, SFTP, etc.)


Service is accessible with a desktop client and smartphone application.


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The scientific data sharing platform

The content

This web service allows to upload content in relation with the scientific research (e.g. publications, protocoles, projects, institutions, etc.) and to create associations with experimental informations.

The ISA architecture

ISA = Investigation, Study, Assay

This service allows to store experimental informations using ISA-Tab architecture.

FAIR data

FAIR = Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable.

The aim is each data must respect these four terms. This service answers to these questions by attaching data with experimental informations.


Data can be imported in the website or can be defined by url; a combinaison with data access platform is possible.

The sharing

Through a full policy manager, scientific research can be share for the community; it’s the open-data.


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