Many things you have always wanted to know on Agent-based modeling

Pierrick Tranouez (Université de Rouen)

24/09/2020 10:30 - 12:00
Emplacement: Aurigny Room

A scientific model of a studied system is a construct that allows a modeler to answer some questions on the system. After explaining the differences we make between law-based and rules-based models, we will describe a particular class of rules-based models called agent-based models, descendant of computer science multi-agent systems and ecology individual-based models. In ABM the studied system is modeled through its components, created as agents, semi-autonomous entities generally gifted with a social environment of other agents, and a non-agent environment. Validation of the model stems from comparing some measured properties of the studied system with computation of macroscopic quantities emerging or aggregated from the interactions of the microscopic agents. We will provide examples from our past works, on fluid flows, ecosystems, traffic and most recently epidemics.