The data manager platform



The service is powered by the owncloud solution. It’s a piece of the CeSGO environment.



The aims are to manage scientific data shared on our core facility, but data on external servers too. (e.g. FTP, SFTP, Google drive, etc.)

The storage

All users have their private space for upload data. It’s an additional storage, in addition to the Home, Groups and Omaha-beach space.

This space is dedicated to a CeSGO usage.

The sharing

Users can share their files by generating a public link or by selecting an internal user.

GenOuest folders access

You can access to your GenOuest folders (omaha-beach / Home / Groups) directly within CeSGO data-access service.

If your storages do not appear in data-access, you can use the automatic configuration:

  1. go to my.genouest
  2. click on ‘Update shares’ button in the ‘Data access’ section.

After this operation, your folders will appear in your data-access session.

Important: synchronization problems can occur when you add/edit files outside of data-access. In this case, delete your external storage via data-access (parameters -> storage) and restart the procedure on my. genouest via the’ Update shares!’ button.

Online collaborative documents

It is now possible to edit alone or with others documents (docsx), presentations (pptx) or spreadsheets (xlsx) online.

Documents are automatically opened in data-access if they are compatible.

Based on ONLYOFFICE, it’s possible to carry out similar manipulations to classic software (Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, etc.).

External data access

It’s possible to add others external storages of different types (e.g. SFTP, FTP, Google Drive ).

WARNING: For FTP mountings, only subfolders access works.

Synchronization with desktop client

You can, like with DropBox or Google Drive, synchronize your data-access content with your computer. First, install the owncloud desktop client on your computer.

Next, follow this tutorial to configure the client with your data-access service.

Link : CeSGO configure desktop client

Online :


Bridge between services


Link : CeSGO data access