The project manager platform

This service, powered by Kanboard, provides project management by dividing the tasks within a kanban (board). Each task will evolve horizontally in this board.

The system allows better task visualization.

Projets types

The private project

This type, the default project type, is limited to the creator. The user will be the only one to create tasks.


The ‘collaborative’ project

This type allows to share a project with others. Users can request the capability to create this type of projects by contacting the GenOuest support.

Gantt chart

A Gantt chart is available in a project. In addition, each task can be resized directly in this chart to easily manage tasks over time.


Each user chooses to share a project with users or groups in the system. Added users can be a single member or manager. A public sharing of the kanban is also allowed.


Inside his profile, the user can choose between email or web notifications. In addition, user can choose the types of tasks that activate notifications (user assign user tasks, specific project, etc.).

Activities report

Reports and graphs of a project can be viewed to see the progress of tasks in the kanban.