What is CeSGO?

Practices in Life Sciences Research evolved . Rapid changes are observed and a very sharp increase in computation and storage requirements has occurred without the consequences for the pursuit and maintenance of scientific quality have been fully anticipated.

Management and data analysis must be improved to provide services and developments in accordance with new uses.

Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as software and international standards for metadata management, analysis and data sharing and the scientific collaboration, CeSGO proposes the establishment of a e-Science center associated with a virtual environment dedicated to research Community in life sciences. This operation is based around three main axes:

– A physical infrastructure axis with the deployment of servers computing and storage

– A data center with the development and integration of tools for establishment of the virtual research environment that will permit access, management and analysis of data.

– A scientific axis around some already funded pilot projects representative of the areas of activity Sea / Agro / Health. The objective is to facilitate access to ICT resources by scientists and thereby improve the research process providing access via customized interfaces to data, software (project management, metadata management, analysis data) and processing resources: regional infrastructure and national infrastructure.

This initiative focused on life sciences and Health must, in future, be open to other communities. The CeSGO project (e-Science Centre of the Great West) is funded part of CPER by European funds, by state and by region Britain.

CeSGO services

CeSGO is an environment composed by five services requiring an account on the GenOuest core facility.

Échanger avec votre communauté

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Data access
Synchroniser et partager vos données

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Research sharing
Stocker et publier vos données de recherche

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GĂ©rer vos projets efficacement avec un kanban

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Discussion directe avec vos partenaires

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